About Us


We are a Nisku based courier company serving Nisku/Leduc and the Greater Edmonton area since 1988. Nisku Dispatch is equipped with all the latest technology including a modernized computer dispatch system with a detailed invoicing program. This system has proven to be a very useful tool for our valued customers, allowing them to track expenditures while job costing and allowing only authorized personal to request freight movement on their behalf.

 During this period we have grown and matured to a level in which we perform a consistent and timely service that we believe is unequalled in the industry. 

The bulk of our operations are performed on a demand basis.  Our tariff schedule and delivery timing are structured to reflect this mode of service. In short, we are capable of responding to your needs without prior warning at any time.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your courier and trucking requirements at your convenience. 

Thank You and we look forward to hearing from you.


We provide all your transportation requirements . Our drivers stay in full and constant contact, so you always know where your shipment is.

  Our drivers have the experience to move sensitive loads and keep your investment secure and out of harm's way until it reaches it's final destination.


Our fleet consists of owner operated vehicles ranging from 1/2-ton trucks to tractor trailers and picker units. We are capable of transporting anything from an envelope to a shipment requiring a winch tractor unit.